The Exceptional

The Exceptional is ABC’s platform to celebrate 10 exceptional Cambodians across 5 different industries. Focusing on their stories and insider tips which aimed to inspire the future generation to be exceptional.



I always believe that music can help change one’s perception and help them to forget about their struggles and continue to walk forward.
P-Sand has always known that music will be a big part of his life. He is a pioneer known for producing original Khmer style music. The journey has had its ups and downs. He faced many challenges with his band, people around him doubted whether this career would ever be successful, but still, he never once thought about giving up.
To be exceptional is not about always having to do amazing things, it’s about holding high ethical standards and always doing things the right way.


From harvesting to creating music, I’ve always believed it’s important to work hard for what we want in life. And now, I want to use my music and other activities to bring happiness to people around the world.
Sai’s music career only started after a few years of hard work of harvesting at his hometown. When he finally had some savings, he invested it into music production despite it being a high risk decision because he really has a passion for it and wanted to contribute to Cambodia’s music industry. With some help from people who shared his ambition, it kept him motivated and got him to where he is today.
Being Exceptional is about creating and sharing happiness with others and also being able to contribute back to develop local community.

Peap Tarr

No matter what you do as an artist, you need to be true to yourself so that your thoughts, identity & creativity can come through in your art.
As a young artist, Peap Tarr faced a lot of challenges but he continued to master his craft, dedicated the time and effort, and just focused on producing good work. In his journey as an artist, he has faced clients and briefs which questioned his identify and style as an artist. With many years of experience and collaboration, he is now an artist who has successfully put out many pieces of art with his identity clearly intact.
Being exceptional means to be the best version of yourself and to understand that the biggest competition, is yourself.

Chhan Dina

For an artist, our work tells a meaningful story and it showcases our passion and experience.
At some point, Dina thought of surrendering her dream of becoming an artist. People around her often told her that women cannot be good artists. However, that fueled her passion even more and realising that she cannot live without art, it motivated her to keep producing art that is now showcased internationally.
An exceptional person is one that’s able to persevere and master their craft.

Thaung Thyda

From being just an ordinary woman in a small village to becoming a well-known, successful entrepreneur, I hope that my story can inspire and open doors for other Cambodian women to pursue a successful business.
Coming from a small salt farming family, Thyda witnessed her family and the people in her community struggle from the lack of opportunity. This encouraged her to create a business model that can support the salt farming community and push the industry to be known not only nationwide, but also internationally.
An exceptional person is one who can make the impossible, possible.

Sok Sopheakmonkol

By doing things from the heart coupled with the willingness to learn, that’s how we master our craft, overcome all obstacles and achieve our goals.

Mongkul’s dream is to see Cambodia develop into a technology driven country. This has served as his motivation to constantly innovate and understand new technologies in hopes that he can elevate the industry.

Everyone should feel they are exceptional. Each person has their own good traits and potential. We need to know ourselves and master the traits that we have, to influence changes in the society.

Ream Angkor

I remember a phrase from a book I read when I was a kid, it said, “It’s a young boy’s dream to work on something you love and are passionate about.” For me, it’s gaming. I was lucky enough to be able to make it my full time job. It’s a dream come true.
When Ream first embarked on this journey, he never knew what the future held. He knew gaming was a big part of his life growing up, but giving up his job as a Product Manager at one of the biggest company in Cambodia was a big risk. He knew it was a tough road ahead, and he knew he had to pave his own way and commit to it. Giving up was never an option for him.
Being exceptional is about having good intentions to spread positive energy to people around you and your community.


The perseverance, the decision to follow my dream and to create content that spreads happiness to people is what got me to where I am today.

At a young age, RavenBlaze decided to take the leap of faith, quit his stable job post graduation and build this career because of his passion for gaming & content creation. It was not an easy decision to choose this career path because it’s not a very established career path in Cambodia and at the time, he wasn’t sure how this career will turn out. However, he really had a dream to be a pioneer in this space and persevered to make that dream happen.

Being Exceptional is about being someone who is recognised for his or her contribution both at a local & international level.

Chef Nak

I know that there are many extraordinary stories to tell the world and to our young generation about Cambodia, and I choose to tell the story of the culinary arts.
What Chef Nak has been striving for almost four years is because of the underrepresentation for Cambodian cooking and the great potential of country culinary arts. Although the work is difficult, facing a lot of problems and requiring lots of sacrifice, she still continues to move forward because her dream is to make Cambodia cuisine become well-known and appreciated around the world.
An Exceptional Person is a role model, a leader that does only the right thing which benefit the community and society.

Chef Nara

A chef is akin to a captain in an army. He is determined, committed and ensures that his team is heading in the right direction. We work under high pressure and it’s important to stay composed and get the job done.
The journey to where Chef Nara is today wasn’t an easy one. To pursue this career, many sacrifices were made. Chef Nara braced an uphill journey of seeking out scarce opportunities in the Cambodian culinary world, where many doubted the future of this career path but he persevered. During his journey, he was also very conflicted as he had to choose time between his work & family.
Being Exceptional means being dedicated to the craft, producing work in an ethical way and elevate the industry.
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The Exceptional TV Show : Meet The Exceptional Sai
Our exceptional Cambodian, Sai. Find out more about his plans for the future, and hear the heartfelt words from his family and fans!
Watch Episode Eight
The Exceptional TV Show :
Meet The Exceptional Sai
Our exceptional Cambodian, Sai. Find out more about his plans for the future, and hear the heartfelt words from his family and fans!
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